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Triton Stormwater is a proud leader in innovative drainage design solutions.  Our firm's commitment to the community spans over a decade, and is evident in all of our projects' low-environmental impact.  

Triton was founded by Jason Anastasiades, a graduate of the University of New Hampshire with an Environmental Engineering MP Degree focused in Stormwater Management & Design.  Early in his career and even prior to attending college, Jason gained enormous experience in the field.  He worked at the UNH Stormwater Research Center.  While there, Jason specialized in the testing and sampling of low-impact development and man-made treatment devices. He spent two years at RIDOT and four years in the private engineering sector.  

Throughout his experience, Jason was frustrated by a significant industry void: there were no specialized drainage control contractors whose primary focus was the prevention of runoff sediment, through proper system maintenance, engineering and proper execution of runoff treatment.

Determined to make a difference, Jason founded Triton Stormwater and has developed one of the few firms dedicated to this field.  Triton Stormwater's mission is based in experience, environmental stewardship, and a commitment to being the best at what we do.  When it comes to stormwater solutions, there is no comparison.

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